Board Director: Job Description

Job details

Salary: Unpaid/Voluntary

Hours: Up to 10 per month


This is a voluntary role with a maximum commitment of up to a maximum of 10 hours over the course of a month including availablity to attend a Board meeting in the evening every other month

Director’s sit for a twelve month period. They can then put themselves forward for a second period at each November’s AGM.

Reporting to: The BID Board of Directors

The purpose of Southport BID is to work in partnership and continually evolve to make Southport a forward-facing town through:

  • Making Southport Safer, Cleaner & Greener
  • Adding value through events
  • Attracting and supporting business

The consultation for a BID in Southport began in 2012 and Southport BID was established on 1 Nov 2014.  The BID was re-elected in June 2019 to start a new 5 year term on 1 November 2019

The current operating budget is £465k per annum, currently the area includes circa 900 hereditaments

The BID management team current comprises of 3 full time roles: Chief Executive, Marketing Officer and Administrator

How to apply

Please apply with your CV which must include details of how your previous experience will enable you to fulfil the job description.  Please also include a covering letter stating what added value you can bring to the Board.


A Business Improvement District (BID) is a defined area where, following a ballot, business ratepayers agreed to pay an annual mandatory levy into a fund for a fixed period of time (in Southport the second term is from November 2019 – November 2024). 

Southport BID is an independent, business-owned, funded-led company, which seeks to substantially improve Southport Town Centre for business by delivering a Strategic Plan created and driven by its levy payers. Every five years the business plan is reviewed and if more is to be achieved, a new business plan is voted upon by its levy payers. 

There are over 300 BIDs in the UK generating over £750m all of which is invested delivering local improvements for business.  BIDs are led by their levy payers, they cannot replace the baseline or mandated services delivered by the local authority.

Southport BID aims to be one of the most innovative and forward-thinking Business Improvement Districts in the country, in partnership with other agencies in the City Region.

The Role

Main Duties and Responsibilities

A Director should bring innovation and experience, and drive forward the strategic agenda of the Board. There should be constructive challenge of proposals so that decisions made by the Board achieve the best outcome. A director must balance the need to remain independent of the operational day-to-day business of the BID team, while maintaining a level of knowledge that will enable them to ask tough, objective questions.

Directors should be able to scrutinise operational and financial performance and satisfy themselves as to the integrity of financial and other information, and that financial controls and systems of risk management are robust and defensible. They are responsible for ensuring that the committees provide independent, objective review and assurance to the Board and fulfil their terms of reference. They must ensure that they are visible in the town, that they are trusted individuals and approachable. They should demonstrate that they value all members and staff whatever their role.

Legal Framework

Board Directors should act in the capacity of a Director under the 2006 Companies Act, ensuring successful delivery of the Southport BID manifesto.

  • To ensure internal financial control systems including external and internal audit procedures are in place and that they are monitored and reviewed
  • To ensure sound corporate, legal and financial governance of Southport BID
  • Develop and review governance arrangements, promoting the highest standards of governance
  • Ensure compliance with statutory and regulatory obligations


Person Specification

Experience and Background

  • Our directors do not require any previous public sector or place management experience but will preferably have experience of operating at a senior level, in a complex commercial or service organisation, and have strong business acumen.
  • Bring skills to contribute to the development of the organisation’s policies so that they support the strategic aims and objectives of Southport BID, ensuring that the organisation is focused on achieving these at all times.
  • Be able to analyse and interpret data.
  • Be able to chair meetings effectively.
  • Have an understanding of providing strategic direction
  • Preferably have a knowledge of governance and an understanding of how boards should add value.
  • Be able to lead an organisation through periods of change and demonstrate a thorough understanding and appreciation of the issues facing a developing organisation in a changing environment.

Personal Qualities

  • Have an interest in Southport but more importantly a strong commitment to the improvement of the town a whole and the strategic direction needed to make this happen.
  • Role model the Nolan Principals for Public Life and have strong levels of personal integrity.
  • Be able to empathise with, communicate with, lead and inspire a wide range of people, both internally and externally in the wider community and beyond.
  • Apply specialist knowledge and experience appropriately.
  • Develop and maintain constructive professional relationships (including the BID team, other Board members, governors, and key stakeholders) through excellent interpersonal skills, team working and good communication style.
  • Have the judgement, coupled with the mental resilience, to lead and participate in making difficult evidence-based decisions.
  • Foster an ethos of continual improvement and a learning culture and be passionate about the continual development and training of oneself and the Board.
  • Tactful and diplomatic