Making Southport Safer

We are working hard to ensure Southport town centre offers a safe and welcoming atmosphere

The Southport Business Against Crime network, is funded and managed by Southport BID and backed by Merseyside Police and Sefton Council and connects over 100 town centre businesses.  With assigned radios allowing fast communication of crime reporting and alerts, the scheme has proved a valuable tool to security teams both in the daytime and night-time economies. Petty crime and anti-social behaviour are just two of the areas where real differences are being made.

The system is backed up and supported by the DISC (Database and Intranet for Safer Communities) intelligence network, which records and shares incidents throughout the town and provides data for the Police.  This is a free network, funded and introduced by the BID that more and more businesses are now joining.

Radio links

Over 200 businesses throughout the town centre are now part of our Business Against Crime Network with assigned radios allowing contact between premises and sharing of crime reporting and alerts. This scheme has been proven to deter petty crime and anti-social behaviour and has proved a valuable tool to security teams both in the daytime and night-time economy.

Body cameras have also been issued to premises and have proved successful as both a deterrent and for use in evidence against offenders. The cameras provide added reassurance for door staff as well as complementing the premises own CCTV systems and the wider town centre network. The cameras capture images as well as audio and will be able to identify the build-up to any incident and help reduce disorder or petty crimes.

The system is backed up and supported by the DISC data and report sharing network, funded by the BID with regular security and crime meetings as well as being backed by Merseyside Police.



All BID businesses are able to get access to the DISC (Database and Intranet for Safer Communities) Intelligence network. DISC provides users with access to a number of image galleries where known and suspected offenders are on display. Security staff and other users can provide and share intelligence that will assist in identifying shoplifters, people committing ASB and other illegal activity.

The network offers security teams and store managers a safe, secure data share and incident reporting system. Administered by the BID, the system allows for crime incidents in businesses to be uploaded and shared with other businesses and for offender photos to be shared in a legal and responsible manner. All information is regularly forwarded to Merseyside Police and information has led to arrests and warnings.

A separate network exists for Pubwatch members which shares data on all trouble makers and offenders and holds details of those on the Banned from one, banned from all list.

Southport Business Against Crime members receive FREE access to the DISC system. Any official representative of a levy payer responsible for security can be added to the network on application to us.

Purple Flag

Southport has been awarded Purple Flag accreditation after a lengthy campaign co-ordinated Southport BID working in partnership with Merseyside Police, Sefton Council, Pubwatch, Light for Life, and the Street Pastors.

The Purple Flag standard, launched in 2007, is an accreditation process similar to the Green Flag award for parks and the Blue Flag for beaches. It allows members of the public to quickly identify town and city centres that offer an entertaining, diverse, safe and enjoyable night out.

The assessment criteria considered a number of factors including cleanliness and safety, movement and transport, the range of attractions, entertainment and events, high quality environment and evidence of strong partnership working.

The Award is the result of the hard work done by everyone involved in supporting and improving Southports evening and night-time economy. Towns and cities achieving this status are recognised for providing a vibrant and diverse mix of dining, entertainment and culture while promoting the safety and wellbeing of visitors and local residents.

We have been supporting the Southport Pub Watch in their efforts to increase their presence and membership and in all their activities designed to improve the safety of Southport at night. We have provided materials and support for their Banned from one Banned from all policy and their own DISC data network.


Taxi marshalls

The BID has reintroduced two taxi marshals to Southport town centre. Dressed in high visibility jackets, they are there to provide that extra peace of mind to revellers looking to return home by taxi after midnight out in our town.

The Marshalls ensure that only legal and registered hackney carriages and private hire vehicles are operating in the town and help maintain an orderly queue for the taxis throughout the night meaning that the queues move faster and the potential for disorder is minimised.

The scheme is fully funded by the BID backed by Southport Pubwatch members, the Council and the Police. They work alongside Police, bar and club security and street pastors to ensure Southport feels safe for those visiting in the evening.

Body worn cameras

We joined forces with Merseyside Police and Sefton Council to roll out body worn cameras to both evening door staff and store security teams. The cameras provide added reassurance for door staff as well as complementing the premises’ existing CCTV. The cameras capture both image and sound and help identify the build up to an incident and act as a deterrent.

Footage from the cameras has already been passed to Merseyside Police for use in cases.