Making our town safer

We are working hard to ensure shoppers and visitors feel safe in Southport town centre and to make it a safe place to do business.

Our Southport Business Against Crime network, backed by Merseyside Police and Sefton Council is open to all levy paying businesses.

Through several initiatives, we are aiming to reduce petty crime against businesses, make our night times feel safer and reduce disorder and create better links between businesses, the BID and local Police.  The network aims to ensure everyone is working together to combat the issues we face.


DISC System

Southport Business Against Crime members receive FREE access to the DISC system (Database and Intranet for Safer Communities).  Administered by the BID, the system allows for crime incidents in businesses to be uploaded and shared with other businesses and for offender photos to be shared in a legal and responsible manner. All information is regularly forwarded to Merseyside Police and information has led to arrests and warnings.

164 businesses are already signed up to the network with more signing up weekly

Radio Network

Businesses throughout the town centre are now part of our Business Against Crime Network – with assigned radios allowing contact between premises and sharing of crime reporting and alerts.

This scheme has been proven to deter petty crime and anti-social behaviour and has proved a valuable tool to security teams.

78 businesses are already registered on the network

Body Cameras

The BID has joined forces with the police and Sefton Council to roll out body worn cameras to evening door staff or large retailer security teams, following discussions with a number of business owners& the Police.

The cameras provide added reassurance for door staff as well as complementing the premises’ own CCTV systems and the wider town centre network. The cameras capture images as well as audio and will be able to identify the build-up to any incident and help reduce disorder or petty crimes.

Taxi Marshalls

The BID has reintroduced taxi marshals to Southport town centre.  The scheme will employ taxi marshals in high visibility jackets to provide that extra peace of mind to revelers looking to return home by taxi after midnight out in our town.

Their role will also be to ensure that only legal and registered hackney carriages and private hire vehicles are operating in the town.  The marshals will also help maintain an orderly queue for the taxis throughout the night meaning that the queues move faster.

The scheme will be funded by the BID working in close partnership with the Council and the police.  They will work alongside Police, Doorstaff and street pastors to ensure Southport feels safe for those visiting in the evening.

Cop Shop

The BID helped reestablish the Cop Shop in Wayfarers Arcade and will continue to help fund it to provide a resource for free crime support and advice for both businesses and visitors.

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