Providing one dedicated voice for Southport's businesses

One of our most important roles is a voice for Southport’s business community, whom we represent in numerous ways, whether it is lobbying for change or working with stakeholders.

Our Board is made up of independent Southport business owners and store managers along with representatives from the local leisure industry. This coupled with our ongoing consultation with retailers, restaurateurs and hoteliers means that we are always working for what matters to Southport and it’s business owners.

On your behalf we tackle the important issues and work in partnership to affect change as one single business voice.  This unified voice also strengthens our position in what we can achieve in attracting investment into Southport.

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As a BID we collectively represent the views of over 900 businesses across the BID area. We make sure that this very powerful collective voice is used to influence what goes on in our town at all levels of Government.

Parking Charges

We successfully lobbied Sefton Council over several months over the removal of the half hour parking option. This June the option was brought back after a lengthy analysis of parking data since the change in parking charges along with anecdotal evidence of its impact with the council. This was done as a direct result of the concerns of levy payers.

As a BID wework hard to ensure your objections, concerns and issues are raised andthe relevant stakeholdersheld to account when necessary.

So far we have successfully;

  • Objected to HMO applications
  • Pursued and progressing a ban on selling on the pavement along Lord Street
  • Successfully raised objections to loading bay space in London Street and had it moved
  • Worked closely with Police to increase patrols following increased vandalism
  • Dealt with over 100 calls in 2016 alone regarding fly tipping, vandalism, un-emptied council bins and more
  • Lobbied the Council, landlords and shop keepers for better veranda maintenance and repairs

Investment Prospectus

Evidence from around the UK shows that investors are attracted to areas where BIDs operate. We’ve capitalised on this by commissioning an investment prospectus designed to attract new investment and development in the town centre.  This latest edition was released in February 2019 will be sent to property agents and other key decision makers responsible for making investment decisions on behalf of their clients.Well also be targeting the high quality brands that complement our existing retail and leisure offer.

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Funding Applications

Lottery Heritage Funding

The BID have match-funded an application to the Lottery Heritage Funding scheme which has passed stage 1. If successful, this grant will bring in over 3 million to be spent on the restoration of heritage features and sites within the town centre.  The BID will lead this process through consultation with levy payers and stakeholders. Read more here

Future High Street Fund

The Government recently announced a ‘Future High Street’ fund to be made available to selected High Streets and worth millions.  The announcement and details of the fund makes specific mention of BIDs as key partners in the application process and we are actively working with Sefton Council on a multi million pound application for Southport.

Business Support & Savings

One of the big advantages of Business Improvement Districts is their collective buying power. At Southport BID weve used this buying power to negotiate a range of money-saving benefits that could help to take away the stress and strain of running a business as well as improving your profitability.

We believethat the current range of business support services come close to matching the needs of most businesses. But if you think that weve missed something out or if youre a supplier and believe you can offer BID levy payers a great deal then please get in contact.

Some of our services are free whilst others will incur a small charge (at below comparable market rates). To access any or all of them please contact us

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